TuringStack Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Take your product from ideation through an MVP to the Scale 🚀

We are here to talk about your business problem not the technology!

Our team has already proved our expertise in E-commerce, SMEs and iOT by working for multiple successful ventures now we want to work on your software product and IT problems


We work for with you

We think a human relationship and common understanding is the cornerstone for every successful project.

1. The Understanding

We sit with you, understand each other and discuss your business problem, may be over a coffee or Zoom calls. Sometime magic happen with a singe call sometime we need to see each other on a few more dates

2. The Building Process

If we think we are a match for each other and have picture perfect common understanding of the problem, we start the building process. We are as much agile as your business is. We do honest work with extra transparency.

3. Delivery and Continuation

We do not end our responsibility on delivery and deployment of the solution, we also want the solution to be positively affecting your business. We keep our channel always open for you for further improvement or any support.

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Chose your abstraction level

We speak your language

We can work with you as an Technical Co-founder with single point of contact and talk in terms of deliverables and cost or if you love technology we can work as your colleague and keep you informed about every technical decision taken: you just want to understand the architecture, choice of language and framework or you want to review our code?

  • Virtual CTO
  • System Architecture
  • Pair Programing
  • Code Reviews
  • DevOps
  • Product Manager
  • Scrum/Kanban
  • Product Design (UI/UX)

From the big picture to every tiny detail, we got you covered.

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We don't work with everyone :)

. For Technical teams

We can work with your existing technical team as an re-enforcement force to make them better decisions, speed up the process and build a future proof and scalable product

. For Founders

Founders can free their mental space for more important work: preparing pitch decks, validating market and meeting people and let us worry about the technology, let's just talk business.

. For SMEs and NGOs

We think it's out responsibility to fill the digital divide, if you have a small business or run an NGO, let's know how we can be helpful